Franklin Jazz Festival


25TH Annual Franklin Jazz Festival

“Jazz & Blues, Students & Pros”
Saturday, April 18th, 2015
The Factory at Franklin, Franklin, TN

In conjunction withWilliamson County Cultural Arts Commission

Franklin Jazz Festival 2015 Wrap up
Yes, a long letter.  Over 300 people involved in this year’s Festival !!!
 What a great festival!  Thanks so much for everybody hanging in there and all of the school directors that brought their group to this year’s event.  Yes, this was the 25th anniversary of the Franklin Jazz Festival but this was the first year we’ve had a focus during the day on student bands.  10 student bands to be exact, and every one of them came ready to play.  The day started off with the Franklin High School Jazz Band playing some swinging charts that the audience loved.  What dedication to be able to get a group of kids to come play at an event on the same day as prom night, which many of them planned to attend.  The Williamson County Jazz & Rock Youth group had the same situation with which to contend, and still managed to put together a stellar group of kids.  Fun music executed well, that the crowd loved.  The third group, Whittorne Middle School Jazz Band, not only brought in a large band, but a large crowd as well to watch.  What a great music program that includes some different instruments that you might not normally see in a jazz band.  They don’t just make it work, they make it swing!  Oakland Middle School band was up next with a great group of kids that came to not only play, but to learn.  Before, and long after they played a great set, I saw many of these kids checking out lots of other groups and talking with other musicians.  The next student group, The Broomestix, rocked the house with jazz, funk, and rockin vocals.  I heard comments throughout the day on how much people loved the energy that this group brought to the festival.  Ensworth High School Jazz Band was next up and didn’t slow down the momentum of the day one bit.  They took the chairs off the stage, stood up and played like…..kids enthusiastic about playing music.  Great, tight sound.  Hendersonville High School Jazz Band came up after them and continued filling the air with the swinging sound of big band  jazz.  Strong rhythm section, great brass and sax section and soloist that made you sit up and take notice.  Tennessee State University Jazz Collegians was the first university group of the day, and what a way to start that part of the day!  This group showed up to play and entertain, and every part of them did just that.  A fun group to watch.  Great selection of songs, well rehearsed, and a performance that had the audience on their feet.  Middle Tennessee State University Jazz Combo played next and sounded great.  Big sound from a small group.  The last school group of the day, Vanderbilt University’s Blair Big Band, was a great way to end the school portion.  With a group as good as this, it’s hard to tell the difference between the students and the pros.  A dynamic group to watch that plays with a polished tight sound.  The pro portion of the evening started with DYNAMO.  A ten piece group with strong vocals and soloists that kept the audience listening and enjoying everything they were playing.  Adam Nitti’s group came up next with literally a who’s who of players in the group.  Every one of them has an impressive resume of artist with which they’ve performed, and they showed why they’re in demand as players.  Amazing skills, impressive solos, and a selection of tunes that had the audience spell bound.  The Headliner of the evening was the Duffy Jackson Big Band.  Duffy showed that not only is he a great entertainer and showman, but can also drive a swinging big band.  What an amazing group of players, playing intricate, well-rehearsed music, with an ease that only experience can bring.    
Thank you bands for all of the great entertainment……for 11 hours!!!
Thanks to our sponsors:
  WMOT  We appreciate your support and are glad you were at this year’s event.  Jazz radio at its best.

Shuff’s Music
Thanks so much for once again being a part of the Franklin Jazz Festival.  We appreciate your continued sponsorship, having a booth at this year’s festival, and for facilitating the Soprano Saxophone give away.
Jupiter Band Instruments – Thank you so much for the donation of the soprano saxophone.  At one point when I checked during the day we had over 500 people that had signed up to win!

Verizon Wireless 
What a great group of people with which to work.  Thank you for being a part of this year’s festival.

Seale Keyworks

Thanks so much for your support!  For many years they have supplied the acoustic concert grand piano, and all electronic keyboards that are used at the Franklin Jazz Festival.

The Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission Artists 
Thank you for displaying your art.  It was great to once again see artist creating wonderful art during the event.
Vendors  -  Thanks for being a part of this year’s festival.  Columbian food, smoothies, Lemonade, jewelry, photography, chiropractic pain relief, women’s apparel and accessories.  All of you add to this event and help to make it possible.
Franklin Jazz Festival board - Vail, Ed, Ron, & Jan.  Thanks for your advice and help.
The Factory at Franklin – Thank you Tami and all of the staff for your hospitality and help in making this event happen.
Franklin Jazz Festival Staff  Mike, Paul, Leandria, Jan and Sarah.  Thank you.  I ask a lot, and you always deliver.  It couldn’t be done without you. 
My sincere thanks to all of you for a successful festival and for keeping Live Jazz Alive in Middle Tennessee.
Scott Ducaj - Director, Franklin Jazz Festival

The Franklin Jazz Festival is an equal opportunity, non-racially identifiable, organization that does not discriminate against individuals with disabilities.  
We are pleased to add Verizon Wireless as a new Sponsor.

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